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15 Brilliant Research Paper Ideas Related To Comparative Linguistics

Are you working on a research paper on comparative linguistics? In that case, you’d better pick two – or more - suitable languages for your study. Most of the time, the analysis will be carried out centered in one language, which you will study deeply so that you search for references in other languages, various sources and so on. You will need to be familiar with the language of study to a great extent provided that this whole process demands a lot of mastery in the topic.

In the following lines, we will present 15 strong topics to consider in this kind of creation process.

  1. English structure analysis in comparison with Latin languages in Europe.
  2. The evolution of grammar and syntax in English respect to other languages in the past century.
  3. An in-depth study of the Anglo-Saxon dialects encompassing UK and US.
  4. The fascinating differences and unique assets of Australian English: the reasoning behind some outstanding idioms.
  5. A thorough study of the neologism creation in UK English: is the Anglo-Saxon language a world-class leader in new word development?
  6. Why are there so many English terms which are not commonly translated in other languages?
  7. The reason behind the apparent simplicity, elegance and effectiveness of the English language.
  8. Why is learning one of the Latin-derivated languages a lifelong challenge for any English person: the numerous irregular verb cases.
  9. The most remarkable difference between English structures and French structures: the use of the passive in both languages and how this construction changes communication.
  10. Major differences in grammar and syntax between English and Spanish: analysis of the strongest similarities and the most interesting divergences.
  11. False friends that originate in English and how they persist in other languages.
  12. The need to master another’s language accent and how this skill boosts your communication capabilities overnight.
  13. A new study on the polyglotism worldwide: does the world population speak English fluently enough to enable communication?
  14. The most relevant languages spreading worldwide and their relative importance they hold online.
  15. Why can’t you speak only one language anymore in today’s world?

In conclusion, coming up with a research paper on this subject is a compelling task which requires plenty of research in order to create an excellent document. In this project, it is important to count on with the assistance of an advisor to back your work up consistently.