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How Can I Write A Research Paper In One Day – A Detailed Manual

Yes, you can write a great research paper in one day. You’ll have to follow all the dictates below, but yes, it can be done. The trick is to either have all the research at hand or zone in on the best sources quickly, to have a clear topic that will yield focused research quickly, to find a very quiet place where your focus will be stellar when you write, and the other hints I outline below.

  • Step One: Know Your Topic and Make it Very Focused
  • You must have a focused topic that is narrow and will yield results that are directly related to your topic. Do not be vague. Do not just write about the vague topic of Hashimoto’s Disease but a more focused topic like b how to cure it.

  • Step two: Where to Research and Where to Write
  • You want a very quiet place for creating a paper in one day with no distractions because writing at home is always more distracting with all kinds of temptations surrounding you- your favorite snacks, the TV, the radio, your pets or those you live with. Go to an academic library, if you can, because these are quieter than the more social centers public libraries have become today.

  • Focused Research Methods
  • Take your topic and research like crazy from academic journals and respected internet sources for research papers only: The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, for example.

    Use solid keywords without prepositions (for, of) or conjunctions (and, but, or, no) and no articles like “the, a, or an.” And, when you print out your article, make sure to make a copy of all the information you will need to both in text cite and write your works cited, stapled to the back of the article. When you have your results, get a highlighter and highlight all the quotes you want to use. To get even more streamlined, get rid of pages you don’t need, lay them out on the floor and write down every quote you need, organized under citation headings you can cut and paste into your reference list later.

  • Get The Critic off Your Shoulder and Write, Write, Write
  • Don’t debate—don’t doubt yourself, just plow through it. Get your thesis statement down at the top and work on your stellar introduction and close when you’re finished with the body paragraphs.

This method has always worked for me at crunch time—and it can for you to.