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4 Basic Ingredients Of A Good Research Paper Introduction

What makes your introduction the perfect one for your research paper? What is it about yours that will make it stand out from all the others that your teacher has read so far? These are two of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself whenever you are looking to present a good paper to your teacher. When you consider these questions and answer them well enough, you will have the keys to writing a good introduction for your paper. For more keys and guided research paper writing help, visit https://mypaperdone.com/custom-research-paper.

For those who cannot yet fathom the answers to the basic questions we have asked above, we can still make things a lot easier for you and help you address your paper, by narrowing down your answers to 4 of the main ingredients that will help you write a strong paper. The following are some of the useful points that you have to look into, which will help you make your introduction stand out:

  1. Support the title
  2. Pay attention to the length
  3. Have a thesis statement
  4. Address the main points
  • Support the title
  • By all means possible, anyone who goes through your introduction is supposed to understand the title that you are working on. This is something that you should never take for granted at all, because in the long run you will need this supporting element to make your paper great.

    The introduction for your paper is supposed to be the best way for you to introduce not just your work, but the title. It is in here that you also justify your reasons for undertaking this study, and more importantly, why you chose the particular title.

  • Pay attention to the length
  • The introduction is not supposed to be too long. So many students also make the mistake of keeping it too short to make sense. In most cases, one or one and a half pages is okay. However, in some cases it could be longer or shorter depending on the nature of the task you are working on.

  • Have a thesis statement
  • If your introduction does not have a thesis statement, you are failing miserably. You must therefore make sure that you think hard about how you want to proceed henceforth.

  • Address the main points
  • Ensure that you emphasize on the main points that you will discuss in your paper as you are writing this chapter, and you will be good to go.