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How To Compose A Perfect Literature Research Paper Conclusion

When you are writing the conclusion of your literature research paper, it should be done in such a way that it would effectively summarize the overall content and purpose of your academic paper. In order to achieve this, you should be able to incorporate certain unique elements of your paper and more so, use certain strategies to achieve maximum result. So, if you are ready to compose that perfect literature academic paper conclusion, here are some tips to help you out. They are as follows:

  • Briefly Restate The Topic: In briefly restating your topic, it should be done without using up a lot of space in your academic paper. This can easily be achieved through a single but solid sentence.
  • Restate Your Paper’s Thesis: You remember the thesis statement in your paper’s introduction? It needs to be restated in the conclusion of your research paper. Make sure that it is properly rephrased so that it does not look similar to the original statement in your paper’s introduction.
  • Briefly Summarize Your Paper’s Main Ideas: There are certain ideas that you discussed in the body of your academic paper. Pick those main ideas and remind your target readers about them. Briefly restate each of these main ideas without adding any fluff.
  • Put In A Call To Action: If you want something to done about the issue addressed in your paper or you want further researches to be carried out in the same area, you should then put in a call-to-action in the conclusion. Remember, it is the type of paper you are writing that would determine if a call-to-action would be appropriate or not.
  • Mind Your Words: Make sure you avoid concluding your research paper with words that sound very stiff or unnatural. For example, avoid statements like “in conclusion”, “In summary”, or “in closing”. They tend to weaken your conclusion. Conclude your paper in a way that it authoritatively stands on its own without explicitly stating, “in conclusion”.
  • Avoid Inclusion Of New Information: If there is any new findings related to your paper’s topic, it should be discussed in the body paragraphs and not being brought up in the conclusion. Bringing in a new idea would confuse your target readers and make your paper irrelevant.

With these tips, you will come to find out that composing a perfect literature research paper conclusion does not have to be a daunting task. Just convince yourself that you can do it and you will.