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Writing A Top Grade Research Paper On Holocaust Survivors

Research papers on holocaust are extremely popular and can get you a top grade if written well. Materials are available on ThesisGeek.com/blog and many other websites because of the enormous amount of research done on this subject. It is not just a matter of academic concern but a humanitarian one too. Doing research on holocaust survivors can be interesting and a grade fetcher. It needs to be sketched out well so that all important points are covered. Here are the broad topics the essay should contain.

  • Title
  • Try to provide a title to your research paper that is both explanatory and catchy. Your title should give a person a clear idea of what the research paper deals with. It must also attract attention instantly. The title should be clear and brief. Provide subtitle only if necessary.

  • Statement
  • At this part, you make a brief statement about your topic. It can be a quote from some other work on the same subject or something someone said related to that topic. The statement can also be your own, describing or explaining your title to the reader.

  • Matter
  • This is the main body of your research paper. You must begin by describing it in as much details as possible; the concept of holocaust, its history and the other intricacies associated with it. It should include details on concentration camps, policy of Hitler, the reasons behind it, the gas chambers, and the motives, the conditions of the people who were in the concentration camps, the death marches and more such details.

  • Statistics
  • Here is where you must display to your reader the amount of research you have put in. Include as much relevant statistics as you can from all the sources you have accessed. The statistics shouldn’t relate only to the number of survivors but must cover everything; example, the number of Jews who lived, the number that fled Germany, the number of Jews who were sent to the camps, sex ratio of the condemned Jews, age group numbers, etc.

  • Case studies
  • In this part, talk about the people who had survived and their experiences as you have read from the case studies you have come across. Provide excerpts. If you have personally met any of their descendants, put that in too.

  • Conclusion
  • Provide a strong concluding statement assessing the material you have obtained and presented in the paper. This part should drive your paper home.

  • Bibliography
  • Mention your sources.

Fleshing out this skeleton can provide you with a research paper that is sure to fetch top grades.